About the Confession

In 1677, Reformed Baptists anonymously published the Second London Confession of Faith. This was a confession based upon the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Savoy Declaration. The baptists used these contemporary confessions as a basis for their own for two reasons. One was to show their unity with the reformed branch of the church, the other was because of the clear, beautiful, and biblical articulation found within. In 1689, greater freedom was given to dissenting ministers in England and the Second London Confession was republished and signed. It is called the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, or the Second London Confession as it was the second confession published by Reformed Baptists in London.

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About the Website

Doctrine and Devotion partnered with designer Brian Malcolm to create a website that would make the 1689 easily accessible on computers and mobile devices, searchable, and present the confession elegantly. We hope that this tool is useful for those desiring to read and benefit from the greatest Baptist confession.